Worth the Risk?

Xbox’s Games with Gold and PlayStation’s PlayStation Plus allow gamers the opportunity to download and play games they likely never would have paid for or tried otherwise. Heavy Weapon was just such a game for me - first published by PopCap Games in 2005 as an Xbox Arcade title, it’s a side-scrolling shooter in the … Continue reading Worth the Risk?

Speculation: Xbox Scorpio

A lot of speculation is being made on the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, expected to be officially unveiled at E3 2017. After the huge Digital Foundry spec announcement, we’re left wondering if this will truly be Microsoft’s foray into the next generation of consoles. Microsoft’s official statement is that it’s a “mid-generation update”, stating that the … Continue reading Speculation: Xbox Scorpio

Don’t Be An NPC

NPC’s, or Non-Player Characters, are basic. Plain and simple. Boring. Nearly every video game ever makes use of scripted bots whose only purpose is to fulfill menial tasks within the world of whatever game you’ve happened to pick up: merchants in Skyrim, merchants in Final Fantasy, merchants in any RPG ever, more merchants, merchants; instruction givers … Continue reading Don’t Be An NPC